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What students are saying about Brenda's yoga classes

Aside from ensuring that positions are done correctly - safety being imperative for Brenda - she knows each student and his or her injuries and shortcomings and knows what positions should either not be attempted or should be attempted with assistance. Brenda has been my yoga teacher for about 15 years; that says it all.

- Jonathan

Brenda is a brilliant teacher who has immeasurably improved my life. I started working with her in June 2006, one month after my third ruptured disc. I was traumatized, scared that any wrong movement would land me back in the emergency room on morphine. Thanks to Brenda, I am now moving better than I have in years (people really notice!) and without fear. “

- W.G.


What students are saying about Brenda's Reiki Sessions

Brenda offers a wonderfully calm and inviting space for healing through Reiki. I've been seeing her for years, and always leave in a calm and relaxed state. She takes the time to ask important questions about your health and wellbeing, helping to pinpoint where your energy is stuck. With years of experience, she can notice subtle changes in your body's energy and will work with you on addressing any issues you may have with the flow of energy. I have successfully and safely address my issues with anxiety and depression with Reiki and all the other tools I've been given.

 - A.B.

Brenda has been my yoga teacher for over 15 years and every class was ‎helpful, with elements that were challenging and relaxing. She is highly knowledgeable and committed to knowing each and every student and their individual needs, and helping them improve their health and wellness through yoga. I came out of every class feeling positive! Thank you Brenda for the gift of yoga you've given me!

S. B.


Brenda helped me a great deal when I injured my knee.  She gave me strengthening exercises and showed me what modifications to do during my yoga practice.  My knee fully healed and the pain has yet to return!

- Chantal

Brenda has been providing yoga instruction to me and some of my colleagues for the past few years during our workday, twice per week. She manages to find time to give each of us attention to address individual issues and yet we all get a great deal out of each class. With a job involving much sitting I can’t imagine how we could function without her help. I highly recommend Brenda’s yoga classes!

- N. S.

Tropical Leaves 2

Brenda’s treatments helped me deal with an extremely stressful time in my life that was making a mess of me both physically and psychologically.  With her help, I was physically able to just carry on and do what I had to do.  She made the difference between failure, and not just succeeding, but moving forward.

- C.T.

I look forward to a reiki session with Brenda Bell because I feel internally elevated and as if the sun were  shining throughout my body. I feel deeper peace and also energized in an effortless way. It's nice to feel wonder about oneself. It's nice to feel naturally positive without trying. It's nice to feel "I needed this.

- J.S.

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