Brenda Bell, Reiki Master Teacher, is registered with the Canadian Reiki Association and teaches traditional Usui method courses that follow the standards set by the C.R.A.


Discover the power of healing that we all possess: physical, emotional, spiritual. Whether you want to become a professional healer or just want to heal yourself, share with friends and family or add it to your existing health care practice, each course is an uplifting and educational experience. Certificates are issued for each course level as well as a manual for home study and review.

Private group courses are available by appointment. 

CONTACT BRENDA for current fees, registration and address.


Course Times: Sundays from 10:00am to 6:00pm

Location: Yorkdale Wellness Clinic, 3500 Dufferin St., very close to Yorkdale Mall.

TTC accessible and FREE parking on site.


All Reiki students will be required to wear a mask when participating in the practical hands on segment of the course and during the attunements.  Wearing a mask will be optional during the theory segment of the course as we will be keeping the 2 meter distance while sitting although it is advised for indoor activity.


Vinyl tables and pillows will be cleaned and also coverings will be changed between student exchanges during the hands on segment of the course.

COVID screening questionnaires will be sent review before taking the course and required to sign on the day of the course.

Colorful Leaf
Reiki Basics 
8 Hours


Fee: $250 + HST

August 29

October 17

November 7

December 5

  • Learn to expand your awareness of self and sensitivity of others

  • How to do self Reiki, basic hand positions

  • Learn to Reiki others including the basic hand positions of a full body session

  • Discovering basic energy centres

  • Giving chair Reiki

  • History and philosophy of the Usui method

  • How Reiki works, what is and what are the benefits

  • The principles of healing

  • How to feel and enhance the life force energy

  • How to centre and prepare for a session

  • How to feel and transmit the life force through your hands

Reiki Practitioner
8 Hours


Fee: $300 + HST

September 19

October 31

November 21

December 19

Colorful Leaf
Colorful Leaf
  • Breathing Exercises to increase healing life force frequency

  • Holding a higher current of life force in your body and how to direct it.

  • Self energizer techniques

  • Introduction of  Usui symbols and mantras

  • Reinforcing positive thinking and breaking negative habits

  • Origin and use of Reiki symbols to enhance healing

  • Other daily living applications for Reiki

  • Distance healing

  • Basic methods for improved stress release and relaxation

  • Master level attunements

  • Master empowerment symbols

  • Exercises to increase and purify your personal energy frequency

  • Advanced healing techniques

  • A complete review of all levels of Reiki and how to teach others, including guidelines for creating classes.

  • Understanding the ethics of teaching and when to start teaching

  • How to attune and initiate others into the practice of Reiki

Colorful Leaf
Practitioner and Master Teacher
16 Hours - Two Day Course


TBA  This course will be booked

by request. Please contact us if you

are interested. 

Colorful Leaf