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The health of your workforce is more important than you might think. Reaching optimal health and wellness cannot be overstated or exaggerated. WELLNESS management programs that focus on lifestyle behaviours and healthy habits help to prevent illness or disability and will enable you and your team to achieve full physical and mental potential. Inspire your people to be their personal best, living lives with purpose and joy.

Brenda offers high energy and informative seminars that can be designed to suit the needs of your team and event. From a dynamic one hour to a deeper half day, you are guaranteed an uplifting experience.

CONTACT BRENDA to discuss terms and fees and for more detailed information and to discuss a program that is suitable to your needs.

Reiki Treatment


  • Offer your team a Reiki Day. Short effective 10- 15 minute sessions are a great way to relax, refresh, relieve stress and encourage positive clear thinking. This can be valuable in terms of reducing sick days, increasing productivity, better time management and increasing motivation on the job. A great coping tool for stressful deadlines, celebrate company milestones or a reward for the completion of an important project.

  • Visits to your work place or other location can be arranged on a whole or half day basis depending the size of the group. We will bring the required amount of tables and all you have to do is provide a small relatively quiet space.

Smiling Young Woman


With many years of experience teaching multi level groups Brenda assess the age, habitual physical postures and movements of  her clients while they are at work and then designs movement sequences that counteract these daily habits with gentle stretching, strengthening and rotational movements, ending with  basic breath work and relaxation techniques that calm the nervous system and clear the mind.​


Brenda is available to teach weekly classes, or seminars in your workplace on a monthly or bi monthly schedule. At wellness fairs or during conferences breaks.​

Instruction may have a particular focus such as:

  • Meditation and stress related illness

  • General health

  • Increasing vitality at work

  • Carpal tunnel

  • Women’s health

  • Back pain

  • Arthritis

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